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What is Holistic Health?

Many people have asked me why I decided to name my company "Brawn Body Training Holistics" instead of Dan Braun Fitness or something similar.

Great question.

I believe in holistic health and wellness and have found my best outcomes in all areas of life stem from a holistic approach. Holistic health chooses to look at an entire person and their environment (mind, body, spirit) instead of one factor. My personal training textbook used the acronym "SPICES" - social health, physical health, intellectual health, cognitive health, emotional health, and spiritual health.

For example, a client might want a better exercise program to lose weight. I've come to realize that many trying to lose weight are already actively involved and working hard to drop the pounds. However, they are often exposed to a variety of other life stressors, from toxic relationships to lack of sleep. Although I am a personal trainer and NOT a counselor, I can connect people who need help to qualified professionals, and I'm available as someone to listen, talk to, and provide my own personal experiences/life stories. In my experience, people get better results faster and keep them longer when looking through a holistic health view.

Holistic health paints an entire picture, whereas traditional approaches (i.e. only focusing on physical health) leave out too many pieces to the puzzle. If you're investing your money into your own health and wellness, don't you want the entire pie, and not just a slice?

Another example: I wouldn't use Swanwick's bluelight glasses if they didn't help me in some way. These glasses block bluelight (bluelight has been shown to inhibit melatonin production), which can lead to better sleep - just by wearing glasses! As we know, sleep is vital for our health, playing important roles in immunity, metabolism, memory formation, and more! I love the results I've had with these glasses, and would not recommend them otherwise. If you'd like to get yourself a pair (and support a small business owner/college student/entrepreneur), head over to the link here! I greatly appreciate your support!


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