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Podcast Notes: The Best Exercises for your Glutes!

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In this episode of the Brawn Body Podcast, I discuss the glutes and glute training in great detail.

In this episode, I reviewed:

  • Glute anatomy

  • Should I isolate my glutes?

  • Best glute exercises

  • Glute exercise programming

And more!

Below are notes about each section

Anatomy of the glutes

  • Gluteus Maximus

  • EXT & ER the hip, PPT

  • Largest muscle in the body

  • Runs from sacrum & ilium to outside of the femur (greater trochanter & ITB)

  • Horsepower!

  • Gluteus medius/minimus

  • Two separate muscles anatomically

  • ABD/IR hip, stabilization.

  • Key for the squat!

  • Ilium to lateral femur

Glute Isolation

  • Should I isolate my glutes, using things like booty bands, butt blasters, etc.?

  • Yes, and no.

  • Isolation exercises should NOT be the focus

  • Isolation does have a place: Pre-exhaust/neuromotor recruitment, or finisher

  • Heavy compounds should be the focus!

Best Glute Exercises

  • The key is lifting heavy with progressive overload!

  • Increase weight, tension, etc.

  • Dan’s top glute exercises

  • Stepups

  • Number one for gluteal activation in the linked study

  • Often done incorrectly

  • Stepup from the butt, not the knee

  • Tempo

  • Hip Thrusts

  • You had to see this one coming if you know me!

  • Bret Contreras’ exercise of choice

  • Heavy loading for direct posterior chain recruitment

  • Some studies show improved strength in other movements without actually doing them!

  • Carryover into sprinting as well

  • Squats

  • The king of lower body exercises

  • Glutes needed throughout (med/min for knee tracking)

  • Use squat rep maxes to predict other rep maxes (ie deadlift)

  • Deadlift/hinge variations

  • The king of full body exercises

  • Discussed in other podcasts, such as back training

  • Tight glutes needed throughout motion for lockout

  • Heavy load!

  • Lunges

  • Like a squat, but one leg at a time

  • Bonus: Hill sprints

  • Use the engine you’re building!

  • Post-episode addition: Monopodal squats. Are these the next greatest leg exercise? Combining a squat, lunge, and stepup motion all in one, with even better benefits? Check it out here!

In this episode, I referenced the following people and articles

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