• Daniel Braun

Podcast Notes: The Best Exercises for your Chest

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In this episode of the Brawn Body Podcast, I discuss the best exercises for your Chest!

In this episode, I reviewed:

  • Chest anatomy

  • Best chest exercises

  • How to program these chest exercises

And more!

Below are notes about each section

Anatomy of the chest

  • Pectoralis Major

  • Sternal head & Clavicular head “Upper & lower”

  • Connects to upper portion of the humerus

  • ADD, FLX/EXT, & IR shoulder, assist with scapular protraction

  • Pectoralis Minor

  • Small deep muscle connecting ribs and scapula

  • Stabilizes shoulder joint, assists with protraction

  • Serratus Anterior

  • I like to consider this part of the core, but it attaches to the first 8-9 ribs, so it’s technically deep/under the pecs

  • Upward ROT & Protraction - boxer muscle.

Best Chest Exercises

  • Bench Press (typically wider = better)

  • Heavy Compound exercise, activates a lot of muscle mass!

  • Strength and size relation

  • Variations (BB, DB, flat/incline/decline)

  • Pushups/Dips

  • Closed Kinetic Chain

  • Do anywhere

  • DB Pullover

  • Great for finisher

  • Also works the lats

  • Cable flye/crossover

  • Works the Adduction component of the pecs the other variations often miss

  • TRX/Suspension Trainer also works well

  • Dumbbells may lead to elbow pain in some people, also prefer the constant tension the cables provide


  • Pull before you push

  • Grip/tense

  • Sets/reps

  • Rest periods

Information in this post is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or condition. Consult your primary care provider prior to making any changes in your diet or lifestyle/exercise habits as discussed.


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