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Podcast Notes: Budget Grocery Hacks

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In this episode of the Brawn Body Podcast, I discuss my biohacking routines and preparation for my upcoming fall semester at college. My college, in central PA, is returning to campus in the fall in-person (for now).

In this episode, I reviewed:

  • Dan’s Essential food guide

  • Budget meats

  • Budget produce

And more!

Below are notes about each section

The essential food guide

  • Primarily paleo or modified paleo

  • Whole foods-based, limiting artificial/processed foods

  • This alone saves SO MUCH!

  • Clean protein source (1-2) daily

  • Clean eggs (free-range)

  • Grass-fed beef

  • Chicken/Fish

  • Whey/Casein

  • Vegetables

  • Sweet potato/potatoes

  • Celery

  • Lettuce/spinach

  • Peppers/onions

  • Fruit

  • Bananas

  • Grapes

  • Berries

  • Avocado?

  • Other

  • Yogurt or other fermented food

  • Organ meats?

  • White rice

Budget protein hacks

  • Free-range eggs

  • Local egg farms - MUCH Cheaper, eliminate the middle man. $3 / dozen

  • Grass-fed beef

  • Ideally grass-finished too

  • Local farms are great ($4.29 / lb) but some grocery stores have deals ($5 / lb) ground

  • Steaks - I pay $9 / lb for grass-fed/finished steaks at my local grocery store and love it.

  • Chicken/Fish

  • Watch those weekly ads… shop the sales!

  • Local farms for chicken.

  • Local fisheries (if you live near the coast) for fish

  • Charter fishing boats - friend filled his freezer with 20 lbs of fish for a $89 charter (price varies greatly depending on location)

  • Salmon = gold standard for fish. Look for Wild Alaskan for top quality (AVOID farm-raised feed lot meats)

  • Protein powders

  • Buy in bulk!

Budget produce hacks

  • Clean 15/dirty dozen

  • Potatoes

  • Literally SO cheap! Less than $1 / lb


  • Pair with meats, throw in eggs (frittata or scramble)

  • Celery

  • Cheap, great with almond butter

  • High in arginine, hydrating

  • NEGATIVE calories - costs more for your body to break it down!

  • Lettuce/spinach

  • Under $2 per bag or less if you purchase heads

  • Salads = two thumbs up

  • Add carrots, berries, all kinds of options

  • Blend spinach in smoothies

  • Peppers and onions

  • Nothing wrong with FROZEN (applies to all produce)


  • Onions are questionable

  • Bananas, berries, grapes and avocado

  • FRUIT!

  • Bananas are literally $.45 cents per pound. It doesn’t get much cheaper.

  • LOVE berries

  • Wild Blueberries - $5.50 for 3 lbs at Walmart!!! HAPPY DAYS!

  • Grapes + berries = antioxidant powerhouses. Red grapes are CHEAP. Can also get in wine form… petite verdot is great

  • Avocado - may not be cheap (~$1 each) but FILLING! If you’re full, you eat less!

Other hacks

  • Make it yourself!

  • SO MANY recipes online!

  • Backyard garden

  • Organic if you avoid pressure-treated lumber/pesticides

  • High yield if done right!

  • Money saving apps

  • Ibotta (use referral code dlulhah to support the podcast!)

  • Fetch rewards (use referral code E6WYP to support the podcast and get 2,000 bonus points!)

  • GetUpside - save on gas purchases (use referral code DAN32638 to save 15 cents per gallon on your first purchase!)

  • Checkout 51

In this episode, I referenced the following people and articles:

EWG’s clean 15

EWG’s dirty dozen

Note, this post may contain affiliate links, where I receive a small commission for sharing a product, and this commission helps to support this business. I refuse to promote any product I do not personally use. My focus is providing information and resources about holistic health and fitness, and will not link to anything that does not fit this purpose.

Information in this post is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or condition. Consult your primary care provider prior to making any changes in your diet or lifestyle/exercise habits as discussed.


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