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Monday Motivational Tip of the Week

For many people, waking up early and getting a workout to start their week sounds terrible (especially after we've just completed our spring forward in most of the country). It can be difficult to find time to exercise with modern work schedules, as many of us work long, demanding days.

So, what should we do? Should we avoid fitness entirely, since we have "no time" for it?


Your personal health and fitness should become a priority in your life if you'd like to see improvement. Consider your current priorities - what do you spend time on? In Michael Matthew's book The Little Black Book of Workout Motivation, Mike presents the alarming statistic that the average American spends 5 hours per day watching television.

Let me say that again. 5 hours per day, watching the television. Isn't that alarming? The problem is not a lack of time. Instead, we find it difficult to prioritize fitness, which brings delayed gratification, when we can have instant gratification from other sources, such as the television.

Fitness requires sacrifice. It's not easy. But, it's not impossible. Start small - take ten minutes out of your day and go for a walk or a jog. Follow along with a workout video from YouTube. You don't need to start your fitness journey by going to the gym for 3 hours per day or spending $30 daily on smoothies. Get up, and get moving. Following Newton's law from physics, a body in motion remains in motion. When you put yourself in physical motion through exercise, you carry that energy throughout your day and life.

If you're looking for some ways to start, here's a few ideas I have for you:

- Exercise during commercials while watching television. Some shows have up to five minutes of commercials at a time. Think you can't get a good workout in five minutes? Think again. Try performing a high-knee march for this duration, or holding a plank - five minutes isn't so easy anymore. Pick out some bodyweight exercises or stretches, and complete them during the commercials.

- Download a Podcast episode, or some of your favorite music, and play it from your phone while you walk/run/bike/exercise. Because who doesn't enjoy their favorite music?

- Take a "movement snack break" a few times per day. This can be as simple as standing up from your desk and taking a lap of your building, performing a few sit to stand exercises from your office chair (make sure the wheels are locked!!!), etc. Make time to move throughout your day.

- SLOWLY change your eating habits. It's incredibly difficult to cut all unhealthy foods at once. Start small: maybe reduce the amount of soda you drink during your first week, then limit the number of fried foods you eat the next week.

This is YOUR week. Get up, get after it, and own your day. Commit to making a positive change in your health!

For more information, including information about fitness programming, or answers to any of your questions, email today!


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