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FULL Transcript: Episode 7, The best exercises for your shoulders

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All right so now getting into the meat of it where is the shoulder exercises so these are the top shoulder exercises that I've come across and start with full shoulder exercise so starting off we're talking about the barbell shoulder press and this is an exercise that you obviously need a barbell for alternatively we could do a dumbbell shoulder press or on the ground in an elephant. Lee Soffer dumbbell or with the Z press variation which I love and the reason that I'm starting off and putting this exercise and number one he needs this compound shoulder exercises that you can really load up and go heavy with exercise that will work more than just one part of your shoulder all three parts of your deltoids it demands stabilization from your rotator cuff it requires activation of your upper pectoralis muscle so it's working all these different muscles and helps give you a complete well-rounded appearance at the shoulder joint itself again these are exercises that you can load up and go pretty heavy with which we know is important you know you don't want to be lifting light weight all the time you don't want to be lifting heavy weight all the time either but you need to have a good balance and this is one of the exercises that one done quickly and safely you can punch pretty good with vertical pressing movement 2 and and vertical pushing is very functional for us think about the amount of times you're reaching up over head throughout your daily life essentially this is what you doing just with a lot more weight you can also incorporate and isometric old or eccentric for this and the standing shoulder press work I recommend either doing the standing or Z press variations I'm not a big fan of the seated shoulder press but the standing shoulder press went down correctly with a tight core tight glutes and just tension throughout your body is going to do so much for you that glue and Cora contraction requires stabilizer spine while you're pressing is going to really inhibit the pull of the hip flexors and do wonders for your posture so first shoulder exercise is by far and large the shoulder press one of the best ones you can do and I highly recommend starting here programming this in your workouts I would look for three to five sets of somewhere between 5 and 12 reps and I usually do this in earlier or middle parts of my workouts and I again like to use some variation weather be standing barbell shoulder press barbell Z press standing dumbbell press or dumbbell Z press even so the shoulder press again is our first exercise next we're going into another one of my favorite which is the bottoms up kettlebell press and I'm choosing this one as a compliment to the barbell shoulder press so we said that was an exercise that you can go really heavy on the Kettlebell Bottoms Up press is likely one that you're going to want to go light on and put it in perspective I usually use like a 20 to 25 lb kettlebell I don't have the exact kilogram to pound conversion with me right off the shoulder subluxation that is required fire and function properly when you're pressing and going up over head so a lot of people will struggle at first and that's okay address of the weak points in your pressing movement for this exercise I like to do a lie detector bone like I said you're going to slowly press up this is a nice slow controlled exercise I usually do 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps and I will usually pair this as an accessory exercise to the barbell shoulder press however you can also incorporate this as part of a warm-up cool-down or Mobility routine think about doing a Turkish kids think about doing a Turkish Get Up with the Kettlebell Bottoms Up that's a amazing exercise that you can do to activate that rotator cuff while loosening up and moving your entire body at work in your car so I guess that's just an example how you could use the bottoms up kettlebell press during a warm up or cool down so again we're kind of covering everything here with the shoulders so we've covered our big move for strength and we've covered our big move for injury prevention next I want to talk about power so the shoulders are a big Power type joint and the reason I bring this up is because there's so many athletes train their shoulders slow they do the barbell shoulder press but they never add any power and speed to their exercise and from an athletic point of view that's a big mistake let's take football for example you need to be powerful and explosive in the shoulders like example what if your shoulders want fast and didn't move quickly in baseball you can see very quickly how athletically you need to have powerful explosive shoulders and I founded the landmine Jammer press does an incredible job at building explosiveness in the shoulder so this is one that I set up my landline for and I add the Viking press attachment that I have to load it up with about somewhere between 45 and 90 lb depending on the day depending on how I'm feeling and I'll bust out four sets of 8 to 12 reps and these are extremely fast explosive reps so it's kind of a race how quickly can you do these routes this is opposite to the bottoms up kettlebell press or we were going slow the reason I like the landmine variation more than other variations is this one does not exclusively Target the shoulders it's also targets the traps that targets the upper back you put your car into it it's a safer version and in my opinion the Thruster or push press a lot of people can benefit them incorrectly and it's very hard to mess up the landmine Jammer press if you have the right equipment and right stomach so it's simple activate your core and press up as fast as you can thanks a lot of skill involved and sometimes simple is best simple exercises can get your amazing results and this is one example of that since it's an explosive exercise I usually program this one after the shoulder press or towards the end of a workout to maximize post activation potentiation meaning of post activation potentiation 33 Empress driving into that really quick post activation potentiation is a phenomenon that you can use to maximize your game games it's basically short-term improvements in performance so say like jumping for example that you've acquired through conditioning exercises like squats or deadlifts or whatever so with the shoulder press and building explosive shoulders you're going to do barbell shoulder press the landmine Jammer press and the strength and the power or the speed component comparing those maximizes your post activation I'll dive into post activation potentiation in a later episode after we finish this series and I know that I've got a lot of topics piling up to talk and that's why we're recording a podcast to try and get as much of this information out and ready for you so to recap briefly we have the barbell shoulder press the bottoms up kettlebell press and likely we had the land 9 camera crash exercises alone are likely more than enough to give you what you need to develop well rounded shoulders however were going to add a couple bonus exercises real quick so forth is specifically for the medial head of the deltoid or if the shoulder muscle so dachshund or lifting the shoulder away 2% so you typically think about something like give you a different exercise that actually works better so for the medial head of the deltoid you're going to want to do something called a sword raised and this can be done with it band at home or with that came at the gym call a point offer more in the ways of muscle building than the band so what you're going to do is set up that cable. Knee height and hold the handle Reaching Across doing this will activate that medial head of the deltoid but it's also going to activate the posterior head of the deltoids now we're getting some upper back in action and the rotator cuff because your shoulder is going from an internal to externally rotated position and again this is great to build muscle but it's also great for injury prevention so it serves a dual purpose and we like them reason I like this exercise more than the lateral raise the lateral raises in exercise so many people do wrong they try and force the issue by just lifting heavy weight and they end up either shrugging it up and working their trap more than their shoulders or they do the exercise with internally rotated shoulders what if you look at the anatomy greater tubercle of the humerus you can feel this by touching the top of your arm so your humerus your main arm bone while your biceps and triceps are so if you reach up top and outside or laterally you'll feel a little bump there and that's the greater tubercle of the humerus which is where your rotator cuff muscles attached specifically your supraspinatus infraspinatus and teres minor so these three muscles attached great now if you do a wider arrays with an internally rotated shoulder so in front of you when you put your arm to the shopping this is an internal you're going to develop pain with so many people complain to me of pain with their lateral raises and this is why so that greater tubercle we just mentioned is banging up against what's called your coracoacromial arch so it's an arch formed in your shoulder joint by your scapula so it's too little projections bony projections off your scapula or your shoulder blade and that with your phone over and over again with forceful powerful contractions it's not good it's going to cause a lot of pain and it can cause a lot of long-term so by switching to the sword raise your internal rotation because you have to externally rotate to perform the exercise it's great for injury prevention and again is great because it targets more than just one muscle in the last exercise I want to bring up and this one is specifically for the posterior deltoid the posterior deltoid is very important for posture so so many people are living with what's known as upper cross syndrome which is essentially that head forward and shoulders around and this is common because most of us work at a laptop or computer desk most of our day or we spend most of our day sitting down so really strengthening those posterior deltoids and upper back and help, pull everything back in a line where it should be my favorite exercise for doing this is by far the cable face pull and why I picked that exercise over say a reverse fly is the baseball is going to allow you to work more weight than something like a reverse fly and is actually more of a compound exercise because you're getting activation in the biceps you're getting that shoulder extension and external rotation if you're doing it right so you're going to work the rotator cuff and you're working the posterior deltoid so upper back area and you should get some scapular retraction so now we're even going to get some activation from the middle back porch again the posterior chain as we know it's so important for so many different types and functional activities at Wallace plastering so with this exercise I recommend doing it either early in your workout maybe as a warm-up with lighter-weight I like to do this before I bench press just to make sure my problems are loosened or you can do it later on as accessory work whichever works better for you I usually do four or five sets of 10 to 12 reps wrap this one out and I just realized that I never gave you sets and Reps in that sort of information for the sword raised so for the sword wraith I would do this one towards the end of a workout usually to the three sets 10 to 12 reps nothing extreme nothing fancy just a nice little exercise to make sure you're getting all of the shoulder shoulder exercises that I recommend however I understand that everyone has access to all this equipment right now because we are still living in a pain like I said with that in mind some things you can do for your shoulders would be you could do resistance band face pulls and fish and Ford races so really using those resistance bands and instead of shoulder press you could do a handstand push-up against the wall or you could do a dive bomber push-up or Pike push-up if you can't do a handstand push-up which I'm one of the people who owns yet to do a handstand push-up so I completely understand if you're in that burned because that's where I am to so you can do that dive bomber push-up Pike push up or what I like to call the push back push up so for the push back push up this is one that's left, so I'm going to dive into a here briefly going to start in a push-up position and you're done going to push yourself backwards not up you're not moving up and down instead you're pushing yourself backwards so your knees will flex and your hips and pelvis will shoot back and I will come back out this is one that I really like to Target the shoulders specifically when it home feel free to play around with other variations of push-ups to help really build those shoulders while at home but ultimately pork chops are great bodyweight exercise to at least maintain for their development if not build shoulder Brothers while at home so with that said the last thing I want to talk about when with the shoulders is the wide grip pull-up because a lot of people ask me about pull up because Parks a kind of my exercise there one that I'm particularly for Target in the posterior deltoid you want to do a super wide grip pull-up and same with lat pulldown if you do a wide grip lat pulldown super wide you're targeting the posterior deltoid and upper back more than you would with say a regular grip or underhand grip pull-up apodo pulled down so that's going to do it for today's episode keep it a little shorter tonight but thank you so much for listening and I hope that you learn some stuff about shoulder training stay tuned for our next podcast which will be all about the best exercises for training your arms make sure you like and follow us on social media at Braun body on Facebook Tik Tok Snapchat you name it. If you liked this podcast please do me a favor and subscribe like, comment whatever and feel free to share with a friend if you think they could benefit from it and feel free to check us out on our website Braun body thank you have a great rest of your day

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